Kidding Schedule

2017 kidding season starts February 5th! We are really excited for the first does out of Windsong Farm Star Commander to freshen! Below is our 2017 kidding schedule and prices. You can click on each name to view the ADGA pedigree of individual goats. Feel free to call or e-mail for pictures or more information or to reserve a Terrell Creek kid of your own! Thanks so much!

Doe          Buck          Due Date      Kidding Date and Kids Available     Prices (General prices are listed below. Prices for individual kids will be listed after the doe kids)

Tuesday    Frank             3/6/17             one doe retained

Mollie        Elvis              4/24/17           doe kids $250, buck kids $250

Sabra         Frank             4/26/17           doe kids $250

Marilyn     Elvis               3/30/17           doe kids $250, buck kids $250

Mary          Corwin           2/20/17          doe kids $175                      

Alice           Elvis               4/16/17           doe kids $250, buck kids $250

Annabell    Elvis              4/22/17            doe kids $250, buck kids $250

Zequenia   Corwin           4/3/17              doe kids $250, buck kids $250

Miracle      Elvis                4/21/17            doe kids $250, buck kids $250

Agnes        Corwin            3/6/17              doe kids $175

Ariel          Corwin             2/27/17            doe kids $175

Athena      Elvis                 3/31/17             doe kids $175

Willow       Frank               2/20/17           doe kids $250, buck kids $250

Beulah       Elvis                  4/11/16      one doe retained

Beatrix      Elvis                  4/17/16 

Brenda      Corwin            3/16/16

Bonita        Elvis                 4/9/16

Betsy          Corwin            4/5/16       one doe reserved

Believe       Elvis                  2/23/16     ONE DOE RETAINED, ONE DOE AVAILABLE $250, ONE DOE SOLD

Laurel        Corwin              4/12/16

Caprice      Corwin              3/31/16

Cassie        Corwin               4/24/16

Cupcake    Corwin               3/13/16        ONE BUCK SOLD

Cinnamon  Corwin             4/24/16

Cookie         Elvis                  2/28/16       TWO BUCK KIDS, BOTH SOLD

Candy          Elvis                 3/14/16

Cleopatra    Corwin           4/23/16

Coriander    Elvis                 no kids

Catalina       Elvis                  4/2/16

Catness        Elvis                 3/19/16            one doe reserved, one buck reserved

Charlotte    Corwin              3/18/16

Fiona            Elvis                 3/18/16             one doe retained

Danielle       Elvis                 3/12/16             ONE DOE RETAINED, ONE DOE AVAILABLE $250 

Summer       Elvis                2/28/16           ONE DOE RETAINED, ONE BUCK SOLD

DJ                 Elvis                  3/13/16             ONE BUCK SOLD, ONE DOE AVAILABLE $250

Dot               Elvis                  3/10/16            ONE DOE AVAILABLE $250

Delorse        Elvis                 3/11/16             TWO BUCKS SOLD

Darlene       Elvis                  3/14/16            ONE BUCK SOLD, ONE DOE AVAILABLE $250

Dandilion   Elvis                   2/19/16           ONE DOE AVAILABLE $250, ONE BUCK SOLD

Evelyn         Elvis                  2/22/16             TWO DOES AVAVILABLE $250 EACH

Emily           Elvis                  3/11/16              TWO BUCKS SOLD

Elvira           Elvis                 4/21/16

Ethyl           Elvis                  3/13/16           DOE AVAIVLABLE $250

Emilia         Elvis                 2/27/16           DOE AVAILABLE $250

Ellie Mae     Elvis                4/16/16

Ezmirelda   Elvis                3/29/16

Eve               Elvis                 3/18/16

Erin             Elvis                  4/25/16

Ester           Elvis                  3/15/16


     Bottle doelings  $250 – $450 (picked up by 3 weeks) — (includes: reg. application/disbudded/tattooed/Cocci prevention)

        Bottle bucklings – $50 -$450 (picked up by 3 weeks) — (includes reg. application/disbudded/tattooed/Cocci prevention)    

     Weaned doelings & bucklings- $500 – $600 (when available)

 Milkers – $400.00 to $600.00 (when available)

Adult bucks or weaned weathers – give us a call or e-mail

**We reserve the right to NOT sell a goat to someone we feel will not be a good home**


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