FAQs: Your Questions Answered

Goats Photo 2

Who owns and operates Terrell Creek Farm?

Husband and wife Barry and Lesley Million own and operate Terrell Creek Farm.

How many goats do you have?

We currently have 47 goats in our herd, made up of 24 milkers, three bucks, 10 yearlings and 10 kids.

How long have you been in business?

We got our business license and passed all inspections with the green light to operate as a business in March 2012.

What kinds of cheeses do you sell?

We hand craft a variety of exceptional artisan cheeses using only the milk from our goats. Many of these cheeses are seasonal, however we have a number that we work to offer year-round. These include:

Chevre – Our traditional fresh tangy goat cheese. Besides plain, we also offer several flavors!
Jackie Blue – A crumbly creamy goats milk blue cheese.
Crottin de (Ozarks) – Made in the style of the traditional French Crottin de Chavignol.
Finley Feta – Mild Greek feta. Crumbly and slightly salty.
Red Bluff Tomme – Semi-firm and mildly sweet with a rind of smoked paprika and extra virgin olive oil.

Where can I buy your cheese?

You can buy our cheese through us at the Farmer’s Market of the Ozarks or through several local retailers. These include:

 In addition, the following restaurants in southwest  Missouri use our cheeses:

I am lactose intolerant.  Can I eat your cheese?

Most people that are lactose intolerant are intolerant or allergic to cow milk, in varying degrees,  but can consume goat dairy products.  However, if you are extremely allergic to dairy or believe you may not be able to tolerate goat dairy products, please don’t risk it – talk to your doctor prior to trying our yummy cheeses.

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