Quality Herd Management Means Quality Products

TCF spring 12 002  Cheesemaking
Our exceptional cheeses start with pure, fresh milk from our own healthy and happy goats. We are a “farmstead” dairy, meaning we use milk solely from our own animals. We are very particular in the management of our herd of mostly Nubian dairy goats. They have unlimited access to fresh artisan spring water and year-round pasture in which to browse.  We use a rotational grazing system to promote the health of our land as well as to offer the most nutritious forage for our goats. As a result, the milk they produce reflects the distinctiveness of the Ozark Hill region.  These subtle local flavors carry over into our handcrafted artisan cheeses.

Our herd also is supplemented with local hay, organic minerals and herbs and our own custom blended organic grain mix.  We avoid the use of any and all chemicals and employ the use of careful management practices and natural herbs for the health and well being of our goats and to keep them free of parasites and to strengthen their immunity.

We use the same care and philosophy in producing our exceptional cheeses. Our cheese is hand-crafted in small batches and individually hand-wrapped.

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